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  • Are you unhappy with your body shape?
  • Do you have stubborn areas of your body that seem resistant to change?
  • Have you tried numerous diets without getting lasting results?
  • Confused about nutrition?
  • Which foods to eat & bombarded with conflicting weight loss information?
  • Not getting the desired results from your current exercise regime?
  • Would you like the support of a positive, like minded group?

Kick Start Fat Loss Club at The Fitness Studios is a revolutionary new lifestyle and exercise club arming you with the latest fatloss and fitness information. There is no calorie counting, daily points, faddy foods or complicated workouts.  KSFL™ helps you to eliminate addictive processed food, detoxifying the body enabling you to burn more fat, have tons more energy, become slimmer, leaner and mentally on top of your game. It’s all about healthy eating, regulating sugar and hormone levels, reducing body fat, better sleep patterns and improved health and fitness.


There are multiple packages available to suit your needs:

If you are unsure which to chose please email us and will will guide you to the best and most appropriate plan for you!

KSFL Plans™:

  • 7 Days Beach Body Fit
    • An Introduction to Nutrition where you follow a daily plan.
  • 7 Days KSFL Juice Detox
    • For those confident with Nutrition where you follow a daily plan via a booklet and personal coaching.
  • 12 Days of Christmas
    • Specific seasonal package where you follow a daily plan.
  • 14 Days Advanced KSFL
    • For those confident with KSFL Nutrition where you follow a daily plan.
  • Secret Pilates Boutique
    • Variable length version of the Original Detox with Low Impact Pilates Workouts.
  • Original 28 Day VIP Programme
    • Variable length version with varied workouts – Our Most Popular package.

Course Support & Guidance:

  • Emails,
  • Support group on Facebook,
  • Personal texts, Skype sessions and calls (If needed).

However each course has limited spaces and must be confirmed in full before course starts. Get in touch to find out when the next course starts and how it can change your lifestyle for the better.

  • Unlimited classes at The Fitness Studios (Original Detox LIVE only).
  • Specific Ingredients List to follow (Vegetarian, Original, and Pesceterian).
  • Suggested Daily Meal Planner (Vegetarian, Original, and Pesceterian).
  • Daily help, support and advice from Qualified Personal Trainers, Nutritionalists and Wellness Coaches.
  • VIP KSFL Members Area packed with information, videos and more.
  • Weekly measurements,
  • Weekly Food and Exercise Diary checks.
  • Loads of KSFL friendly Recipes and Meal suggestions.
  • Loads of exercise videos.
  • PROVEN track record of success.
  • Kick Start your new Lifestyle!

Our MOST Popular and SUCCESSFUL plan is the 90 Day Health & Wellness LIVE Programme involving clean food & healthy cooking with focussed Group Exercise.

With the 90 Day LIVE Programme you have VIP access to our KSFL VIP online workouts, Meal Planners & Recipes, so you are fully supported in every way.  All LIVE packages include UNLIMITED Group Fitness sessions per week for the duration of your course.

Group Results Video:

KSFL Testimonials:

“I would 100% recommend this experience to anyone! I was apprehensive at first as have tried lots of faddy diets in the past but felt so ready to give this my best shot. It’s so worth persevering with and with the support of Jane and Terry, I’m the happiest I’ve been with my body for about 10years.  Always approachable and friendly and you really feel you’re in good hands. I feel healthier and have loads more energy and considering I used to suffer a lot from headaches…. I now can’t remember the last time I had one! This has motivated me now to keep it up. I’m surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed it and what I’ve achieved in such a short space of time. Feeling proud :-)” FB

“I am once again so pleased with the results of my latest KSFL programme, almost 11lb weight and 4 inches lost. As always Jane and Terry give more than 100% in helping you reach your goals. I never imagined that just over 1 year ago when I joined The Fitness Studio that I would get to the weight I am currently at and that my fitness levels would be so increased. The picture below compares me from when I started to now! If you haven’t given it a go you don’t realise what you are missing – GO FOR IT.” MAE

“So glad I joined KSFL, I was feeling pretty down about the way I looked and have now lost half a stone in just 28 days and can look at myself in the mirror again. It was hard, the first week especially, I was ready to give up but Jane weighed me after 7 days and I had already lost 4lbs which spurred me on. The classes were great and really pushed me to my limits but felt great afterwards.” PPS

The benefits of doing KSFL with The Fitness Studios:

  • Reduction In Lbs, Inches & Body Fat,
  • Improved Body Composition,
  • Improved Sleep Patterns,
  • Increased Energy Levels,
  • Increased Feeling Of Well-Being,
  • Clearer Skin,
  • Balanced Hormones,
  • Increased Mental Alertness,
  • Improved Immune System,
  • Greater Vitality For Life,
  • Positive Mind-Set.

FAQs about KSFL™ Packages  and Services.

  • Click ‘here‘ for answers to frequently asked questions.

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“Well what can I say. . . . Jane and Terry offer the most specialised and best value for money (considering all of their qualifications, equipment and class variety) fitness service anyone could ever want, need or hope for. They are two of the nicest people I have ever met and have gone above and beyond to incorporate me (with a cornucopia of health issues) any and everyone into as many classes as I choose. The atmosphere is amazing and everything is so fresh, I love it! They have transformed my life (no word of a lie) with not only the fitness but the KSFL clean living lifestyle detoxes too, I couldn’t ever thank them enough. I couldn’t feel more supported or safe. It is just epic!!”

Jade Braybrook

“Cannot recommend this place enough. There is exercises to suit all ages and abilities. There’s no other fitness centre like it, I guarantee you will be hooked once you start . Go on, I dare you”

Barbara Donkin

“The most amazing thing I have done so far!! I’ve always hated exercise but this so doesn’t feel like it!! It’s a class where I can go and have fun with my fiends I have met through the fitness studios! Jane is a fantastic teacher and if you love top quality service and banter then she’s the woman for you!! won’t stop coming until I’m in my 80’s and even then I’ll be fighting to get out of the care home to attend!”

Emma Garner

“I have no idea how he did it, but contacting FYB the best decision I made today. They spent an hour thoroughly fixing my broken self - through a series of taps and flicks well beyond my comprehension! As a professional aerialist in competition training, when being fully functional is crucial and every moment counts, I can't express enough how deeply grateful I am to have experienced drastic immediate improvement and incredible results! ”

Deb Roach