Movement Therapy

  • Do you have back pain?
  • A niggle that just doesn’t go away?

We have highly qualified Sports Therapists in King’s Lynn, highly respected in the Movement Therapy community; having trained under the best in the World.  Specialising in rehabilitation, lower back care and movement therapy.  Helping people achieve their specific fitness goals through a blend of Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT), Anatomy In Motion (AiM), Soft Tissue Massage, Mobilisation and Manipulation, as well as Postural advice with exercises that are adapted to suit the individuals requirements.

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Sessions are very much focused on the individual and returning them to their normal activities pain free as soon as possible. Using these methods we are able to use both detailed anatomy and pain of the body to establish what the body needs due to inhibited muscles. Then able to reactivate these muscles using muscle testing and functional movement, thus enabling the body to move pain free and back to peak performance.

Movement Therapy – King’s Lynn Clinic:

Sports Therapy with Jane:


“Well what can I say. . . . Jane and Terry offer the most specialised and best value for money (considering all of their qualifications, equipment and class variety) fitness service anyone could ever want, need or hope for. They are two of the nicest people I have ever met and have gone above and beyond to incorporate me (with a cornucopia of health issues) any and everyone into as many classes as I choose. The atmosphere is amazing and everything is so fresh, I love it! They have transformed my life (no word of a lie) with not only the fitness but the KSFL clean living lifestyle detoxes too, I couldn’t ever thank them enough. I couldn’t feel more supported or safe. It is just epic!!”

Jade Braybrook

“Cannot recommend this place enough. There is exercises to suit all ages and abilities. There’s no other fitness centre like it, I guarantee you will be hooked once you start . Go on, I dare you”

Barbara Donkin

“The most amazing thing I have done so far!! I’ve always hated exercise but this so doesn’t feel like it!! It’s a class where I can go and have fun with my fiends I have met through the fitness studios! Jane is a fantastic teacher and if you love top quality service and banter then she’s the woman for you!! won’t stop coming until I’m in my 80’s and even then I’ll be fighting to get out of the care home to attend!”

Emma Garner

“I have no idea how he did it, but contacting FYB the best decision I made today. They spent an hour thoroughly fixing my broken self - through a series of taps and flicks well beyond my comprehension! As a professional aerialist in competition training, when being fully functional is crucial and every moment counts, I can't express enough how deeply grateful I am to have experienced drastic immediate improvement and incredible results! ”

Deb Roach